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The BARTENDERS - 21 reasons to drink in l.a. weblog series,
I photographed beautiful women in their home setting who tend bar at L A’s top spots. Part of what made this project so compelling for me was how often these women had a change of persona when shot in their home environment as opposed to the ones they had created at work.

The TRANSGENDER series was done at the Transgender Beauty Contest in Las Vegas. Because these men go through so much in our society and personally in order to be who they need and want to be, I decided to photograph them classically to give them the respect they may not get living on the fringe. I shot them when they arrived for the contest before they’d had a chance to do their make up, and then after, in their full contest attire. I was expecting a dramatic difference, but in both situations they reveal so much of themselves that the theatrical façade didn’t mask anything.

The STREET project is total freedom for me. It’s such a step away from the hyper-reality of the television and movie industry. Here I am able to just respond to the activity, color, movement and lives of people going about their day on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, near the neighborhood of Boyle Heights where my father grew up in the ‘30’s.


The PEOPLE I KNOW series poses a different set of circumstances. In a way, the lack of anonymity makes it more difficult. It’s hard for me to explain, but it creates another layer to work through.


WORKING (temporary title) will include people and their jobs: a Neurosurgeon, animal trainer, theatrical wig maker….
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